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Handcrafted Mysteries

At The Claremont Forum

Handcrafted Mysteries is an immersive magic and mentalism experience featuring Greg's original pieces of magic.

The show began it's weekly performances at The Claremont Forum (a used bookstore in downtown Claremont) in 2019.

The show has been performed 85 times and is currently on hiatus.



At Granite Creek Community Church

When COVID-19 made regular in-person performances impossible, Greg worked to create a live performance that would keep attendees safe, but still be interactive.

The result was an all-new show with stories and amazing mental illusions that got everyone involved.

The full show is now available to watch on Youtube.

close quarters4.jpg

Close Quarters


Close Quarters was an up close and personal tour of some of Greg's favorite magic tricks that he's honed in his 16 years of experience. Seating was limited to 20 guests per show, to ensure that everyone had a great view and to allow for audience interaction.

As is expected from a Greg VanHolsbeck show, just about everyone had a chance to participate in the magic.

Close Quarters had a limited run at The KAWS in Arizona.


Misfits of Magic

At The Santa Monica Playhouse

Greg joined his friends Ben Benjamins and Chris Alton for a scripted fusion of magic and theater. The three performers had their own distinctive styles of magic, which were showcased individually between short interactions on stage.

The show was performed as part of the BFF Fringe Festival in 2018.


N7 Magic Night

At N7 Creamery

N7 Magic Night was a monthly magic show created by Greg's friend Jeremiah De Matteis, featuring a rotating cast of local magicians. It was free entertainment for guests and a place to for magicians to hone their craft for an audience.


Greg eventually took over operations and the show ran for a year before it's final performance in July 2017. 

N7 Magic Night was Greg's first taste of producing public magic shows.

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